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  • Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The Arlington Theatre.
  • Santa Barbara Bowl. Jane's Addiction.
  • Snowy Plover on Santa Barbara's West Beach at Sunset
  • Ventura Orange Grove
  • Goleta Evening Fog
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Arlington Theatre. Interview of President Clinton.
  • Outrigger Canoe Race in Waikoloa, Hawaii
  • Concert Sunset: Plaza and Terrace at the Santa Barbara Bowl
  • Fiesta Pequeña: Opening Night Festivities at the Santa Barbara Mission
  • 4th of July: Fireworks over Santa Barbara Harbor
  • Ventura Dawn Patrol: a Big West Swell
  • Hendry's Beach: A Spectacular Winter Sunset

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Fiesta - Coffee Table Book

outrigger canoe sunset

Read more here
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Panoramas of
Santa Barbara

Art Exhibition


Now at D'Vine Café, S.B.

Please stop by to see a dozen of our favorite local panoramas.

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