Sugarland @ SB Bowl

Wow. What an amazing show Sugarland puts on!

I'd heard it uttered several times, but this was my first time seeing them live. I admit, I'm not a big country fan, although I do like pretty much any live music if the musicians are talented. And now I'm a Sugarland fan!

Opening acts were much more "country" than the headliner, but they were both quality performances, too. Since I didn't realize I was going to be shooting from the soundboard, I jetted home right after Canaan Smith's first song to get a bigger lens. I made it back, just in time for Laura Alaina, who was an American Idol winner.

My favorite highlight of the show was when David Stewart of the Eurithymics came out to play some songs with Sugarland. They started with Here Comes the Rain, and ended with one of my all-time favorites, Would I Lie To You?

Check out the gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com

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A. Arthur Fisher

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