Def Leppard & Poison @ SB Bowl

Poison's Brett Michaels on harmonica Poison's Brett Michaels on harmonica

This was the show I had been waiting for. The Heavy Metal throwback, revisited!

Ever since I saw Def Leppard play the Bowl a half-dozen or more years ago, I've been waiting for them to return as they promised they would during their encore. And here it was, with a big fat stage extension, running three-quarters the way out the floor. What a magnificent playground.

Opening the show was Poison, all with their big hair still blowing in the wind. (Yes, I'm jealous.) So, Brett Michaels came right up to me and gave me the heavy metal bull horns while he belted out a lyric. It happened quite fast, but I was lucky enough to have just the right camera/lens combo in my hand when it happened, and I caught it perfectly.

Please check out this gallery for some serious fun on gallery.sbbowl.com

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A. Arthur Fisher

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