Colbie Cailliat & Gavin DeGraw @ SB Bowl

Colbie Cailliat Colbie Cailliat

Colbie Cailliat came back to the Bowl this year, this time as a co-headliner. The young, pop country/rock fusion artist donned her sweet voice, playing to a crowd, mixed of young and old, many youngsters there with their parents. It was definitely an all-ages show.

Boping all over the stage, Gavin DeGraw opened the show. He spent a lot of time on a grand piano. I heard that during the tour, the two co-headliners switched off as to who opened and who closed. I heard some people say they liked Gavin's more energetic performance, but I also enjoyed Colbie, who walked right up to the edge of the stage, giving me some great photo opportunities. Her white dress and fair skin against a jet black background provided for perfect contrast.

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A. Arthur Fisher

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