Scorpions at SB Bowl

The Scorpions put on a phenomenal show last week at the Santa Barbara Bowl, celebration their 50th anniversary. Founder and lead singer, Klaus Meine, led he group for a sold out show. The double-decker stage set was as big as the sound, and it included a drummer's platform, which rose up fifty feet or more from the floor during Kottak's drum solo. Unfortunately, I was only permitted to shoot during the first three songs, so I didn't capture that act on film.

Opening the show was Queensryche, who also pounded out some powerhouse tunes.

I shot the first three songs from behind the ADA (handicap) section, which was a bit difficult because the music was so good that most everyone was standing and dancing, blocking some of my shots. I had to pivot around a lot.

See the full gallery on sbbowl.com/photos.

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A. Arthur Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Santa Barbara, California. He has run his company, In Color, since 1989.