New York Philharmonic Orchestra at SB Bowl

For the first time ever, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra came to the Santa Barbara Bowl. This performance was directed by Alan Gilbert and brought here by the Music Academy of the West. There were two locations I was permitted to shoot from: the soundboard and house-left, behind the ADA section (handicap). I was allowed to shoot the entire show, but I needed to keep my camera silent, which meant using a blimp (which I don't own) or using silent mode and a thick sweatshirt wrapped around my quiet camera body (5D mk III) and bottom of the lens. This also meant no bursts and keeping still during quiet moments.

We happened to have a nice sunset that night, so that added some brilliance to the house photos. See the entire gallery at sbbowl.com/photos.

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A. Arthur Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Santa Barbara, California. He has run his company, In Color, since 1989.