String Cheese Incident at Arlington

Bill Nershi Bill Nershi

Rip-roaring jam-blugrass masters, The String Cheese Incident, shared their bountiful music to a foot-stompin', dancin' crowd at the Arlington Theatre. The theatre was surrounded by seekers of the elusive miracle ticket, while inside, groupies enjoyed a show complimented with dazzling lights. There was a lot of stage fog, which makes for an interesting visual, but it can also make the photography more difficult. There were also a lot of enthusiasts crowded in the "pit" area against the stage where I shoot.

Writer, John Hollis wrote the review for this show. Read it and see the photo gallery here at thearlingtontheatre.com.

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A. Arthur Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Santa Barbara, California. He has run his company, In Color, since 1989.