The Head & The Heart at Arlington

The Head & The Heart played to a largely full house at the Arlington on Saturday night. When I got there, I could see the house filling up with a very young crowd, including early teens. I was restrained from shooting from the side aisles, and I knew the young crowd would stand up as soon as the band hit the stage. This creates a little bit of a problem since there's no easy way to shoot over people's heads, when your standing amongst a crowd.

I used my 400/f4 on a monopod from halfway back from the stage. This is where the theater floor starts a steeper incline, and I can actually get a more unobstructed shot. I also had to shoot with my camera above my head level, using "Live View." This makes focusing tricky, but with my new Canon 1D-X Mark II camera, I could tap the rear display where I wanted focus, like how a smartphone's camera works.

I don't have the files edited yet, but I will post as soon as I do.

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A. Arthur Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Santa Barbara, California. He has run his company, In Color, since 1989.

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