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Indie rockers, Belle and Sebastian played a cool night at the Bowl, offering excellent shooting conditions. From the photo pit, we got three songs, and the lighting was sufficient to get some great material.

Lead singer, Stuart Murdoch, came up to the edge of the stage to give us all some great photo opportunities.

See the full gallery at gallery.sbbowl.com

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Sting at SB Bowl

It's always challenging to get a good shot when performances start early in June and July. The days are very long, and for this show, I was only able to shoot the first two songs from the back of the floor. I came prepared with a 400/2.8 lens, but it was old, heavy and difficult to wield. I had to use a tripod.

The shots are very bland as I was also restricted to shoot from a single location, and Sting also stayed in a single place. There's not much variety, and the images are flat, but this was the best anyone could do. Unlike the photos, the show, itself, was fantastic!

The images are restricted, so there's none attached to this blog. See the gallery at gallery.sbbowl.com

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I really like shows with lots of separate acts. Kings of the Mic 2013 Tour brought four different bands, beginning with De La Soul. When they were on stage, it was still pretty sunny. Next came Public Enemy, featuring Chuck D and Flavor Flav. I used one of my three songs during this act to shoot some multi-shot, panoramic-type images.

By the time Ice Cube came on stage, it was dark enough for stage and spot lights. It's actually easier to photograph dark skinned people when they're also wearing black clothing. The exposure is easier to capture. By the time LL Cool J came out, the crowd was really fired-up. That man moves around a lot, but the spot lights were so bright, there was enough to make it all work.

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Sigur Rós at SB Bowl

This was quite an unusual show. These fair-skinned, Skandinavians put on something of an orchestral, alternative rock show. The stage was littered with mic stands and other obstructions, and the photographers were required to stay far against the sides, hugging the stage. We did get the switch sides one time (by going all the way around the back of the floor), a maneuver that took a half song and cutting in to our three song limit.

The crazy shooting conditions are reflected in the resulting images. See the gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com.

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New Order opened the concert season this year with their before-their-time version of early 80's dance techno. The lighting was really tough: only very dim, blue stage lights. It was fun to watch, but I really pushed the limits of my cameras.

Johnny Marr (former co-songwriter with Morrissey and guitarist of The Smiths) opened the show while there was more ambient light. This guy has style, any way you slice it.

Check out the full gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com.

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Crazy, amazing lighting donned the stage at the Santa Barbara Bowl for the Postal Service. Keyboardist and techno noisemaker, Jimmy Tamborello, grew up in locally, and he joined Death Cab for Cutie front man Ben Gibbard on stage. There was a whole lot of energy on stage, and Ben was jumping all over the place from one instrument to another, making the shooting conditions often challenging and other times simply overwhelming.

Opening the show was Big Freedia, a male-bodied person who refers to himself as, "she." When his dancers started up their moves, it literally made me blush. I simply couldn't take very many photos because the subject matter was so wild.

Photographers got to shoot from the pit (against the stage). Some of the photos are restricted, so at left is a photo of the stage, not the musicians. Please check out the full gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com.

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I got to shoot this show with Canon's new 500mm/f4 lens. I could hardly believe how light it was, and it produced very sharp results, even with a "doubler" attached (2X Extender III). Originally told I would be shooting from the soundboard, I was pleased to later learn that I could shoot from the ADA (handicap) section.

The last couple times I shot Steely Dan (and the Dukes of Sept), it was in July, when the sun was still high during the first three songs I got to shoot. This year, they played in late August, which provided me with enough darkness to get some more dramatic stage/spot lighting.

Typically, it's difficult to get Becker and Fagen in the same shot as they are normally positioned on opposite sides of the stage, but this year I was able to get a nice shot of them near enough to each other, with the horn section between them.

Check out the gallery on Photographed from the ADA (handicap) section, I shot this show with an amazing 500mm lens.

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Three of the most iconic photos from the Fiesta book are now on display at Art & Soul of Santa Barbara gallery in Victoria Court (downtown Santa Barbara). The photos are printed using a very special process; they are sublimated into a high-gloss surface coated on aluminum. The images are float-mounted, raising them a half-inch above the wall surface, providing a pleasing sense of depth.

This process of printing on aluminum is relatively new. We have been providing it to the Santa Barbara Bowl now for a couple of years. The dyes and pigments used in the process are as bright and saturated as any other digital printing process I've seen.

The three images chosen for this exhibit are printed at large sizes: two at 18x24 and one panorama at 18x36. The Fiesta book is also on display and for sale at the gallery. Please stop by and check them all out!

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Amy Adams touched my heart last night!

I was able to shoot some red carpet photos before entering the Arlington Theatre. After a touching interview, Amy was presented with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Cinema Vanguard Award, an honor reserved for actors who take chances with their roles. While discussing a scene in Junebug, Amy teared up and shared her emotional response to have immersed herself in the painful position of her character.

Please read the review and checkout my photos on http://thearlingtontheatre.com

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What an honor to shoot Quentin Tarantino the other night. I was a little bummed that he decided not to do a red carpet walk, but I got some great photos of him inside the Arlington Theatre, where he was interviewed before being presented the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's American Riviera Award.

Chris Johnson wrote a stellar review of the event, so you can read it and watch a slideshow of my best shots at http://thearlingtontheatre.com

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