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Rip-roaring jam-blugrass masters, The String Cheese Incident, shared their bountiful music to a foot-stompin', dancin' crowd at the Arlington Theatre. The theatre was surrounded by seekers of the elusive miracle ticket, while inside, groupies enjoyed a show complimented with dazzling lights. There was a lot of stage fog, which makes for an interesting visual, but it can also make the photography more difficult. There were also a lot of enthusiasts crowded in the "pit" area against the stage where I shoot.

Writer, John Hollis wrote the review for this show. Read it and see the photo gallery here at thearlingtontheatre.com.

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Busting out their foot-stomping brand of indie folk and bluegrass, the Avett Brothers returned for the second time to the Arlington, and third time to Santa Barbara in just a few short years. Shooting conditions were difficult, only because I had to shoot over the heads of the energetically-dancing crowd, who spilled out into the aisles while I was trying to squeeze in a shot here and there.

The Avetts have a very loyal following, and it was a privilege to be able to hang around to watch most of the performance, brought here by UCSB Arts & Lectures. See the photos and read the article on thearlingtontheatre.com here.

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Mellow show and tricky shooting.

Last night I brought a 600mm lens to shoot from the sound board. This was a tricky show. The lighting was totally flat, and there were two microphone stands directly in front of Ms. Krauss, effectively blocking the shot throughout the duration of my brief, two song window. It's mid summer now, and the lighting on stage is totally flat during the first half of each show. It's too light to use a dramatic spotlight, and the pavilion roof keeps the performers in the shade.

As you can see, my best image was when she stepped away from the mic, basically waiting for someone else to finish their jam. I even had to apply some Photoshop filter effects to add some punch to this photo.

Opening the show was Good Old War, a trio with a lot of punch.

Check out the gallery at gallery.sbbowl.com

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