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Mr. Fisher will be doing a book signing event on July 24, 2014, from 5-8pm at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art store at 1130 State Street, Santa Barbara. The art store has created a Fiesta-themed area for this year's annual Fiesta events, and Mr. Fisher's Fiesta is a centerpiece.


Please stop by to say hello, bring your unsigned books, or purchase a signed book at the Art Store.

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Unfortunatley, the funding for my big coffee table book, Fiesta, fell through. So, I decided to take the project to the community for "crowd-funding."

I was orignially buiding out the funding project on Kickstarter.com, but I quickly discovered that they were not going to allow the flexibility I needed to work this project. The main deal-breaker was their rule preventing benefit to a non-profit, but there was also a rule preventing "bulk" sales of more than ten items in a pledge package.

I quickly found IndieGoGo.com to be a fine substitute and ported the entire site over. Now, here we are. Just a day and a half into the funing project, and I've already hit over 16% of the $20,000 goal. In reality, I'd really like to raise $30,000 to print enough books to make the project not just fasible but also viable.

Please visit http://celebratefiesta.com to learn more and to make a pledge. You'll get an amazing book in return!

UPDATE: The crowdfunding part of this project has closed as we did reach our goal. The book will be printed this spring, and it should be here in plenty of time for this year's main Fiesta events. You can still pre-order a book here.

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Fiesta Book


The Celebration of
Old Spanish Days
Santa Barbara, California

This book depicts the wonderful local color of Santa Barbara's annual Fiesta celebration. Sanctioned by Old Spanish Days, it features 240 pages, containing approximately 650 photos, shot over eleven years of Fiesta events.

The book is in production now and will ship in July 2013, in time for this year's main Fiesta events.

Read more about the book at celebratefiesta.com.

Buy direct here, and get it signed for free.

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Fiesta 2012

All this week, I will be shooting Fiesta in Santa Barbara. This year, I will be focusing (pun intended) on gathering a very few select shots that I think will make my upcoming Fiesta coffee table book even better than it is.

I will also be wandering around many of the events in an attempt to identify people who are in the book, so I can use the information for captioning. If you see me, come say hi!

At left is a shot I took last night at Fiesta Pequeña rehearsal. Tonight I'm going to try to get up in the mission bell tower to get a reverse-angle shot of the stage and crowd.

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