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He's definitely a little strange, but I suppose that's one of the things that makes him so great playing strange characters. The interview started with Johnny acting so oddly that I thought that maybe he was on something. Eventually he came around, and I figured that maybe he was just a little nervous being interviewed in front of a full house. On stage, you get to play a character, so if you act weird, you're just in part.

Depp said about filming Donnie Brasco that Al Pacino was by far the craziest actor he's ever worked with. "He's certifiable." I think he mentioned that four times in the span of a few minutes.

Anyway, the interview was quite entertaining for his acceptance of the Santa Barbara Film Festival's Maltin Modern Master Award. Depp is a character on and off the stage.

Read Jenny Schlax's review on thearlingtontheatre.com and see my accompanying photos.

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I really enjoyed listening to Ben Affleck being interviewed by Leonard Maltin at the Arlington. Affleck was this year's recipient of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Modern Master Award.

I got to shoot Ben on the red carpet and again inside the theatre as he was being interviewed. I got lots of fun photos.

Read Chris Johnson's excellent review and see my photos here.

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