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Nor-Cal rapper, G-Eazy played to a full house at the Santa Barbara Bowl last weekend. "This is the loudest audience I've ever played for," he exclaimed, eliciting an even louder roar, filled with a lot of high-pitch screaming from young girls.

Although the stage was very well decorated, the spots were very hot on Eazy's white jacket, making shooting conditions tough. The pit wasn't too tight, so it wasn't too difficult to manuever. G was pretty dynamic and his persistent smile gave away his great mood.

Guests, Nef The Pharaoh, Marty Grimes and Daghe, made for a picturesque crew.

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Philly rapper, Wiz Khalifa, returned to the Santa Barbara Bowl with a host of other talent, including Chevy Woods and D.J. Drama. While this kind of music isn't my favorite, there were definitely some good photo opportunities from where I shot in the photo pit. Though tight, there was sufficient room to maneuver among the dozen photographers. I had three songs to work with, and since there were two opening acts, it was dark enough for some good stage light.

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I really like shows with lots of separate acts. Kings of the Mic 2013 Tour brought four different bands, beginning with De La Soul. When they were on stage, it was still pretty sunny. Next came Public Enemy, featuring Chuck D and Flavor Flav. I used one of my three songs during this act to shoot some multi-shot, panoramic-type images.

By the time Ice Cube came on stage, it was dark enough for stage and spot lights. It's actually easier to photograph dark skinned people when they're also wearing black clothing. The exposure is easier to capture. By the time LL Cool J came out, the crowd was really fired-up. That man moves around a lot, but the spot lights were so bright, there was enough to make it all work.

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311 @ SBB

Big time party show at the Santa Barbara Bowl on August 21st, 2011. Surfer punk band Del Mar opened the show. I got to shoot their full set from the pit. Their drummer is part of Sublime, and his wife is the lead guitarist wearing the nice Fedora hat.

Next on was Sublime with Rome. I was not willing to sign their release, so I got a drink and watch their act, snapping off a few shots with my camera phone. Rome really controlled the stage as a seasoned musician.

By the time 311 came on, it was nice and dark, and as usual, their lighting was spectacular.

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Wiz Khalifa @ SBB

Last night the crowd was amped for this show! It was probably the youngest crowd I ever remember seeing at the Santa Barbara Bowl (June 23, 2011). If the target audience was any younger, the kids would have been attending with their parents, so needless to say there weren't a lot of the same people who attended the last show, Peter Gabriel.

The shooting conditions were great, as I got to shoot from the pit, and there were great crowd opportunities. Kids were squished tight up against the barrier, and they were not shy.

This was a three act show, and all performers were very accommodating to the photographers. Opening was Chevy Woods, then Big Sean, who gave me a great pose with the audience. Wiz Khalifa closed the show with both Sean and Chevy singing backup vocals.

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