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Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals returned to the Bowl for an anxious crowd. Gill Landry opened the show. The lighting was bright, brilliant and colorful, making for some great photography. I shot from the photo pit for the first three songs, acquiring plenty of great shots.

Checkout the full gallery on sbbowl.com/photos.

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This year's reggae bash was called, Catch A Fire, and included headliners Damian and Stephen Marley, of a dozen different acts. I photographed nine of them and was quite exhausted by the show's end. This was not to mention the hours of photo editing, to maul through some twenty-five hundred images. Nonetheless, I was able to capture some great moments, shooting in a rather tight photo pit.

Check out a huge gallery of images on sbbowl.com/photos.

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Bowl regulars, Slightly Stoopid came back this year with their tour called, Summer Sessions 2014. Opening the show were Stephen Marley and Cypress Hill, the later of whom required photography from back of the floor. The other two acts afforded shooting from in the photo pit, against the stage. Slightly Stoopid often has a very generous photo policy, allowing me to shoot their entire act.

See the entire gallery of dozens of photos on gallery.sbbowl.com

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So Cal Surfer/Reggae boys, Slightly Stoopid came back to the Bowl this year, this time bringing with them some interesting crews. Atmosphere is a very interesting type of rap music, bringing that style back, closer to its roots, a mellow reggae style; although that description doesn't quite give a complete description. The lyrics are not your typical gangsta rap, either. They are much more inspiring.

Opening the show was Tribal Seeds, a rock/reggae fusion, harder than your typical rootsy reggae. And of course, the white-boy reggae of Slightly Stoopid was gentle and warm. Adding to the mix, seasoned reggae vetran, Don Carlos, came out to sing a few songs with Stoopid.

I pretty much had full reign to shoot the entire show from anywhere in the venue (front of stage) as I was also trying to capture some updated shots of the venue, itself, in addition to the performers. This netted me more than 100 great photos, most of which are in the gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com.

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Damian, Stephen & Julian Marley played an epic show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The brought the entire Ghetto Youth Crew with them, and The Green opened the show. All in all, there must have been more than two dozen different musicians on stage during the course of the night. If you like reggae, it was a great show.

In order to capture the opening act and each of the Marleys, I was able to shoot more than a dozen different songs. Needless to say, the resulting image editing was quite a task, but there is also a huge gallery of fun images. Check out Damian Marley's floor-length dreadlocks!

See the 69 image gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com

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