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Last week Bon Iver with special guest, All Tiny Creatures played to a full house at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Shooting conditions were tough for Bon Iver because of all the stage decorations which often obscured the band when shooting from the perspective of the photo pit. I'm sure the view was ultra-cool from one of the upper sections, but it was tough from where I was restricted to shoot.

Nonetheless, it was a great show. Check out the gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com here.

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Laura Swift wrote an excellent review of a show I covered at the Arlington Theatre last week. I was still a bit sore from surgery, so I was unfortunately unable to see the entire show. In any case, it was quite a treat for us to see Wilco to play such an intimate venue as the Arlington considering last time they played in SB, they filled the Santa Barbara Bowl.

White Denim opened the show.

See the review on thearlingtontheatre.com

White DenimWhite Denim

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Santa Barbara Local, David Crosby and long-time collaborator, Graham Nash, rocked the Arlignton Theatre last night with a double set of their long list of 60's and 70's favorites. Read the review by David Palermo and see my photos at thearlingtontheatre.com

March 27, 2011

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Primus @ Arlington

Back to Santa Barbara for the first time in may years, Primus can to play for its fans at The Arlington Theatre on Oct 21, 2011.

For most of the show, front-man, Les Claypool, and guitarist, Larry LaLonde, were in dark shadows, making this a difficult act to photograph. Adding to the challenge was the fact that there were giant bass stacks on the sides of the stage, blocking the view from the front corners, where I like to shoot. In order to get some decent material, I was related to shoot from the back and balcony for most of the show.

See the gallery and review at thearlingtontheatre.com

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Wow! What an amazing show.

Two of my favorite bands (circa high school era) played on the same stage on the same night. And I got to shoot them both at the Santa Barbara Bowl on October 4, 2011. I cant put into words how fortunate I am to have this job.

Both shows were shot from the pit, and both had great lighting. As a bonus, I got to shoot Journey's encore, to capture a guitar give-away, when Neil Schon walked down from the stage and hung his instrument around a lucky fan's neck.

See shots from the whole show at gallery.sbbowl.com

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311 @ SBB

Big time party show at the Santa Barbara Bowl on August 21st, 2011. Surfer punk band Del Mar opened the show. I got to shoot their full set from the pit. Their drummer is part of Sublime, and his wife is the lead guitarist wearing the nice Fedora hat.

Next on was Sublime with Rome. I was not willing to sign their release, so I got a drink and watch their act, snapping off a few shots with my camera phone. Rome really controlled the stage as a seasoned musician.

By the time 311 came on, it was nice and dark, and as usual, their lighting was spectacular.

See the gallery (sans Sublime) at gallery.sbbowl.com

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Peter Frampton, better than ever! No, he hasn't lost it, he's gotten better.

First set, Frampton Comes Alive, the entire live album, played to perfection. The second set included covers, other favorites, including those off his new Grammy winning album. Santa Barbara Bowl, July 31st, 2011.

Shooting conditions were good, from the photo pit, but without great lighting. Peter was very photogenic and considerate to the photographers. There was an irritating computer display blocking many of the best shooting moments, however. You can see the darn thing blocking his guitar in the image to the left.

See the entire gallery on gallery.sbbowl.com

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Eddie Vedder @ SBB

Tough shooting conditions last night. Mr. Vedder required me to shoot from the far left side for only two songs, then I was allowed one song from the sound board. This meant trucking up two full seating sections with all my gear and a 600mm lens, right when the thrid song started, with half a song remaining to setup and grab a quick shot from above.

Whew. I was seating hard.

Anyway, I managed to eek out a couple decent shots. The title of the show was Ukelele Songs, so it's not surprise that in all my photos, that's what Eddie's playing. I bought tickets for the show, so I was able to see a bit more of his diversity as he popped out other guitars and instruments and even allowed opening act, Glen Hansard to squeeze in for a couple duos.

The show was fantastic. Vedder made it clear that he loves the special place that is the Santa Barbara Bowl. The show was on July 9th, 2011.

See the photos at gallery.sbbowl.com

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Steely Dan @ SBB

Donald Fagen and company jazzed up the place!

Wow. Thank you Steely Dan for playing my favorite venue, the Santa Barbara Bowl, on my birthday (July 6th, 2011). Though they weren't jumping all over the strange like My Morning Jacket was a few days ago, Steely Dan was spot on.

Their clean jazz-rock fusion style has sustained this band's prominence in a new world of rap and electronica. The bottom line is these guys are as tight and polished as they get.

The Sam Yahel Organ Trio opened up the show.

Check out the photos at gallery.sbbowl.com

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Superb show with great sound.

Last night Peter Gabriel brought the crowd to a standing ovation at the Santa Barbara Bowl. June 12, 2011.

This was an interesting take on Peter Gabriel's classic voice and sound, which brought him from the thrones of Genesis decades ago. This was the first time I have seen so many musicians on stage at the Bowl, and the sound was wonderful.

Please check out the gallery at gallery.sbbowl.com

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