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This year the Santa Barbara International Film Festival featured the North American premiere of the first 3D surf film, called Storm Surferes 3D. There was a red carpet event before the show, and writer, Chris Johnson and I got to meet and photograph the crew.

The cast of Storm Surfers 3D, includes two-time world surf champion Tom Carroll, big-wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones and renowned surf forecaster Ben Matson. We also got a nice interview with Australian directors Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius.

The cast's youthful personality makes the film, but you'll also love the idea of being entrenched in the 3D action.

Checkout review, photos from the red carpet and post-movie Q&A session on http://thearlingtontheatre.com

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Out touring for their 50th anniversary, the original lineup of The Beach Boys came for a fun night of great surf oldies at The Bowl.

The show was really fun, but the shooting conditions were very poor. I was allowed only two songs, which translated into about five minutes of photography. To make things worse, I was required to be on my knees the entire time, right up front. Now normally right up front is good, but in this case, I'd rather have been at the soundboard. The band was spread out along the entire stage width, so it was virtually impossible to get one shot containing all the members.

I compromised by doing a fisheye shot of the entire stage, but wide angle lenses make anything which isn't' very close, very small. Also difficult was the fact that Brian Wilson was on a grand piano with his head facing away from the photographers. From stage left, there might have been a head-on shot of him, but from my knees, the piano completely obscured him.

Lastly, the first two songs occurred right as the sun was dropping behind the hills, so half of the group were in direct sunlight, and the other half were in the shade. Oye! The bottom line is that there was just not enough time to get every shot I wanted.

Anyway, there are some good shots, so check out the gallery on the gallery.sbbowl.com

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