A. Arthur Fisher

A. Arthur Fisher

Mr. Fisher is a photographer and graphic designer who lives in Santa Barbara, California. He has run his company, In Color, since 1989.

Local actor, Christopher Lloyd, presented this year's SBIFF Virtuosos Awards to a group of exceptionally talented, up-and-coming actors. The recipients present, each for a brief interview and tribute, were Jared Leto, Brie Larson, June Squibb and Michael P. Jordan.

I like shooting this event because it's a good opportunity to get photos of some great talent, possibly before they hit it big. See the photos and review on thearlingtontheatre.com.

The Arlington Theatre was a packed from street to the stage for the appearance of the dynamic cinema duo, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, who were to receive the SBIFF 2014 Cinema Vanguard Award. Also on the red carpet and later on stage was Jonah Hill, who presented the award.

Scorsese and DiCaprio were being honored for their history of working together to tell some great American stories. See the photos and read the review on thearlingtontheatre.com.

Shooting conditions were excellent on Saturday night as legendary actor, Bruce Dern strolled down the red carpet, preceded by the lovely Diane Lane, who presented him with the coveted, Modern Master Award after the interview.

See the photos and read the review on thearlingtontheatre.com

This year's KJEE Summer Round-up gave us some great alternative rock bands. I love this annual show because I get to do a lot of photography.

Shooting was from the photo pit, and this year, I got one of my favorite concert photos ever during the performance of New Politics. Lead singer, David Boyd, is quite the acrobat. He was doing flips and crazy break-dancing style maneuvering all over the stage, and when he climbed up onto the crowd, it made for a great shot with my fisheye lens!

See the whole gallery on sbbowl.com

This was really a cool show to shoot. The stage design was very unique, resembling, ostensibly, a busy street in Hong Kong. I got some great shots from the photo pit, but TheWeeknd images are restricted, so you'll have to visit the Bowl's website to see them.

Opening the show was D.J. Anna Lunoe, who was smiling from ear-to-ear between deep concentration moments. She was followed on stage by Banks, a very confident girl with a very unique sound.

See the gallery on sbbowl.com

Pop double headliner shows don't happen too often, but this one brought out a nice crowd at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I had to shoot from the back of the floor, so I had a big lens.

I'm not personally familiar with the music from either of these two bands, so I can't comment too much, except to say that Sara is multi-talented, and OneRepulic is exciting to watch. The latter opened with dynamic silhouettes of the musicians cast onto a giant white curtain blocking the entire stage. It was pretty cool.

See photos in the gallery on sbbowl.com

Man, was this show fun. (not fun!, but fun.) That's how they spell their name, with a period.

Local favorites, Tegan and Sara, have now played in SB three times in the last two years. I guess we really like them. And opening for fun. meant for a great show. I loved how fun. had two of the largest confetti canons I've ever seen on a stage. Luckily, I got special permission to shoot the action, when they fired them right before the encore. The normal photography was shot from the photo pit, and conditions were very good.

Attached is one of my favorite Bowl photos ever. Thanks, fun.

Check out the gallery on sbbowl.com

Jason Mraz played an afternoon show on a perfect, sunny Labor Day.

Mraz fans are diehard, and this show sold out many months before, right when it went on sale. This was my first time seeing him live, and now I feel a little closer to him and his music.

It's rare to get such a perfectly sunny day, with direct sunlight on the performers for the majority of the show. Most often the light is all artificial. I got to shoot from the photo pit, right up next to him, and this meant for some really fun photos.

See the gallery on sbbowl.com


Heart at SB Bowl

Playing with Led Zeppelin's most recent drummer, Jason Bonham, Heart played a phenomenal show at the Santa Barbara Bowl last week.

Jason Bonham opened the show with his own band, and he closed the show along with Heart as they did an entire set of Led Zeppelin tribute set. In my opinion, their performance of the song, Kashmir, was the single best song performed at the Bowl this year!

This show was really hard to beat. Ann Wilson's voice is so silky smooth and yet powerful at the same time. I'm sure the entire tour was an astonishing success.

I got to shoot the first three songs, and the last three during the Zep tribute set. That was quite a treat. See the gallery on sbbowl.com

If you're thing is the dramatic ballad-stye of the latino genre, you would have well enjoyed this show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The crowd was very ethnic, and they lauded opener, Lupita D'Alessio. Mr. Solís was also quite the crowd pleaser with a full orchestra and costumed dancers.

Check out the gallery on sbbowl.com

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