Today we made a transition to a new gallery system. This web application is based upon a more more modern framework, and thus, it just works better. One of the main benefits is that the search field is much more comprehensive.

Although the new gallery is already a big upgrade as it's currently integrated into this website, it will eventually include even more features. Among the new additions, we expect to have links on the pages from some select images to an online store where you can purchase prints. There will also be a smart album of latest posts.

Keep an eye out.

In addition to all the new functionality, we've also added more than a hundred new images, especially to the People section. Enjoy

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Three of the most iconic photos from the Fiesta book are now on display at Art & Soul of Santa Barbara gallery in Victoria Court (downtown Santa Barbara). The photos are printed using a very special process; they are sublimated into a high-gloss surface coated on aluminum. The images are float-mounted, raising them a half-inch above the wall surface, providing a pleasing sense of depth.

This process of printing on aluminum is relatively new. We have been providing it to the Santa Barbara Bowl now for a couple of years. The dyes and pigments used in the process are as bright and saturated as any other digital printing process I've seen.

The three images chosen for this exhibit are printed at large sizes: two at 18x24 and one panorama at 18x36. The Fiesta book is also on display and for sale at the gallery. Please stop by and check them all out!

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I have now made it though editing half of the over two thousand photos I took of the 2011 Queen Lili'uokalani Canoe Race. This is the world's largest long distance outrigger canoe race, held each year in Kona, Hawaii. Approximately 350 images have been posted to my Backprint Store. I'll post the best of those to the Outrigger Canoe section of my gallery soon.

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