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Licensing Request

Most images found on this website are available for licensing. Many include model and/or property releases.

Some of our images are readily available for licensing on our PhotoShelter sore: For those not available on that store, you may request a quote by using the form on this page.

Make sure you see our images on

LicenseBefore you capture or use an image for any purpose, you are required to obtain a license from the image's copyright owner.

Unless otherwise noted, all images on this site have US copyrights registered to A Arthur Fisher. We aggressively enforce all copyright infringements.

AAFP offers a range of licensing applications, including usage for non-profit, branding, commercial, editorial, personal and educational. Images can be licensed for as little as $100, where the fee is based on a number of factors. Price can be quoted for you upon the completion of a simple form.

Factors that will affect the cost of the license are:

  • Do you need unlimited use rights?
  • Do you need exclusive use rights?
  • How will the image will be used (ie brochure, website, editorial, book)?
  • How big will it will be (ie half-page, full-page)?
  • The size of the audience or circulation (ie 50,000 copies, regional website)
  • The number of editions or issues (ie six-monthly publications, one-annual journal)
  • Placement (ie back cover, inside contents)
  • How unique the image is

Please be as detailed as possible in describing your usage request.

What kind of exposure do you quote to your advertisers? How many are printed? How people will see the image?
For example: full-page, quarter-page, or inch/pixel dimensions
AF File Numbers usually look like this: AFXXXXXX-XXXX, where X is a numerical digit. If you cant find the image number, please provide a link to the image.