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Travel Photography presents a special challenge. What gear can one, or should one, take along?

We usually don't travel lightly, but do have portable, wireless lighting systems, and gear that is designed to handle harsh environments.

Included in our stock location material are images from California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and New Zealand.

  • New York

    New York

  • Turks & Caicos

    Turks & Caicos

  • Denali, Alaska

    Denali, Alaska

  • Homer, Alaska

    Homer, Alaska

  • Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara

  • Moose Pond, Maine

    Moose Pond, Maine

  • Sedona, Arizona

    Sedona, Arizona

  • Channel Islands, California

    Channel Islands, California

  • Mission Bay, San Diego

    Mission Bay, San Diego

  • Nevada


  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas

  • Hawaii


  • Aukland, New Zealand

    Aukland, New Zealand

  • Keauhou, Hawaii

    Keauhou, Hawaii

  • Beacon Hill, Massachusetts

    Beacon Hill, Massachusetts

  • Bug Sur, California

    Bug Sur, California

  • Martinique