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Santa Barbara Bowl PR Photo License Request

This page is for organizations who wish to apply for a license to use a photo of the Santa Barbara Bowl to co-promote the current year's Concert Season.

If you are simply requesting a photo license to use a Bowl photo to promote yourself or your company, and the usage is not primarily intended to increase traffic to Bowl events, please use the standard form: licensing request

Terms & Conditions



The three images shown have been approved and licensed by the Bowl for sublicensing to qualified co-promoters. Please contact the Bowl for more information. You may choose a single image below to be used only in the current calendar year and only at an electronic size of up to 600 pixels or a print size of up to 6 inches. Sizing is measured on the longest dimension.

By submitting this request, you are personally agreeing to abide by the terms of a sublicense agreement. This license expires on December 31st, of the current year, and it may be revoked at any time by either the Santa Barbara Bowl or A. Arthur Fisher, the registered copyright holder, by either electronic or written notice. No license is granted or implied simply by your submission of a request for a license. If approved, your sublicense will begin upon issuance of written approval from A. Arthur Fisher and will be executed in Santa Barbara, CA.

Any approved usage for print will require that a copy of the final product be sent to PO Box 149, Santa Barbara, CA 93102.

Images may not be modified in any way, including by cropping or resizing. If you require a different size than the one you obtained via an executed sublicense, please request a new image. Images may not be stripped of any embedded copyright notice or file metadata. Doing so is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Images used in print which do not include the copyright notice watermarked on the photo must include the following legible photo credit adjacent to the usage: ©

Please fill out form below to apply for a complimentary SB Bowl PR photo license.

See images to the left
What kind of exposure do you quote to your advertisers? How many are printed? How people will see the image?
Please provide the requested size up to 600 pixels or a print size of up to 6 inches