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Most of our action photography consists of live performance art. However, we do have a large collection of oceanic, water sports images. Art has been an avid boater, sailor, and underwater diver since he was a child, so he's well-versed in dealing with the special challenges of shooting around salt water.

Additionally, due to our long shooting history with Old Spanish Days, we have a good collection of rodeo and riding stock images. Sometimes, flamenco dancing is as much a sport as art. Our library is strong in this genre, which includes many model releases.

  • Mutton Busting
  • Hobie Tiger Racing
  • AVP Pro Beach Volleyball
  • Surfing
  • Amgen Tour Racing
  • AVP Pro Beach Volleyball
  • AF060520 3059v3
  • AF060805 2303
  • AF070107 0350
  • AF070827 0829
  • AF071205 0404
  • AF071224 1162
  • AF090806 2742
  • AF090816 0194
  • AF110830 5238
  • AF110903 6081