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Santa Barbara Bowl Public Use Image

Santa Barbara BowlThe "image" (AF130714-1833hp) is registered by A. Arthur Fisher with the U.S. Copyright Office under certificate VAu 1-149-081.

This image of the Bowl is being provided free of charge to bloggers, under the following limited conditions:

  1. Usage of this image constitutes a contract limited to digital/electronic uses (i.e. on a website, email, social, etc.) for entities which are both located in, and who's domains are registered in, Santa Barbara County, CA, USA,
  2. Additional limitations:
    1. The image must not be copied or downloaded or reside on any server other than as described below. It must only be sourced (i.e. HTML tag: “src”) from the following URL:
    2. You may wish to copy & paste the following code into your web page to source the image correctly:
      <img src="" title=“Santa Barbara Bowl”  alt="Santa Barbara Bowl" />
    3. The image may not be scaled, resized, cropped, obscured, renamed or modified in any way, whatsoever.
    4. All usage must include easily visible links back to the Santa Barbara Bowl’s website ( and to A. Arthur Fisher’s website ( with text explaining that the image is used with permission by both. Sample text might appear like this:
      Image of Santa Barbara Bowl by A. Arthur Fisher. Used with permission.
    5. The image may not be sold or leased.
    6. The image may not be included in or on any item that is for sale, nor may it be used to promote direct or indirect sales of any kind, including ticket sales, except for face-value ticket sales for purchase directly from
    7. The use may not “paint” either the Santa Barbara Bowl or A. Arthur Fisher in a "negative light."
    8. The use may not be used to imply any endorsement by the Santa Barbara Bowl.
    9. This license is granted from 1/1/16 through 12/31/23. After that time, the source link may expire.

A. Arthur Fisher and/or the Santa Barbara Bowl has/have final authority in determining if any particular usage violates this license. We reserve the right to terminate permission to use images and brand of each company.

If you are interested in this or other images for commercial use (uses outside of this Public Use contract), or if you have any questions about this Public Use image program, please contact the Santa Barbara Bowl or A. Arthur Fisher.

Subject to change without notice. Last updated 7/31/23